How To Please A Woman Sexually & Give Her Orgasms On "Full Throttle" (Great For Men With Small Penises)

Is your penis size important in sex and in giving her powerful orgasms? In other words, is a bigger penis better for sex? That seems to be the proverbial question that men have been asking since the dawn of civilization. 

Well, what if I told you that your penis size is not a big deal after all? In fact, it is the worst among all "tools" you can bring to the bed! 

Why is that so? Well, read on and find out...

The Truth About Penis Size And Sex

Ask any woman who loves great sex and have experienced great sex. Chances are, she will tell you that the size of one's manhood does not feature much in how she enjoys the experience. So put aside that penis extender or male enhancement pills you have been popping all day! A big penis is a great asset to have, but the skills you bring to bed will be your defining moment during sex. Besides pumping in and out, what else can your penis do?

Do Casanovas And Don Juans Have Great Assets In Between Their Thighs?

The secret is out. No they don't! Even if a guy is small like a mosquito, he can still outperform any clueless lad with a much bigger "asset"! As long as you know how to please, pleasure and caress any woman properly, you can bring great sex to the bedroom, anytime anywhere! And believe me when I say that those Casonovas and Don Juans in the world are only average as far as their penis size goes.

The Myth About Penetration And Orgasm

Penetration is just about the only thing that happens during intercourse. Well, that is just what most guys think. When in the throes of pleasure, most men would focus only on themselves and pump away until they reach the inevitable goal - their own orgasm. But is your woman enjoying a great time too? Well, most probably not! 

You see, women are incredibly different from guys. Women don't just live for the moment of orgasm. They relish the way they are brought to a climax. And the simple truth is this: The vast majority of women are not able to reach an orgasm though penetration alone simply because her clitoris - the nerve center of a woman's orgasm - is not properly stimulated via penetration. So your penis, big or small, does not figure much in triggering those incredible waves of pleasure in her.

So How Do I Give Her An Orgasm?

Simple! Just observe what SHE does when she stimulates herself (a great majority of women can reach an orgasm through masturbation alone). Mimic the motions, the angles, the intensity she use on herself. Then use them on her!

Start Living For The Moment, Guys (whether you're big or small...)

When it comes to great sex, take things SLOW. Don't use sex as a means to an end. Instead be a man who plans for the future BUT also live for the moment. Be a man who starts a night of lovemaking without considering his own orgasm, but focus on securing a body-shaking climax for his lady. This is the type of men women would gladly die for.

Now achieving that kind of body-shaking, wild-screaming orgasms that most women crave for, will depend on how you build up the sexual tension. Savor each stage of lovemaking as if each phase can bring her to an orgasm (indeed it can!).

Raw, passionate kissing that sets free a woman's sexual inhibitions can bring her right to the edge of a climax. And so can the great prelude to intercourse - foreplay. Even a good dose of oral sex can give her mind-boggling orgasms that leave her breathless.

The key is to live for the moment and don't let your focus waver away from her. Believe me, when you are able to do this, you will enjoy sex for its full glory and splendor, just like how a woman enjoys it. And when you finally reach your own orgasm, it will be more mind-blowing than anything else you have experienced before!

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