How To Make Her Ejaculate During Sex - 7 Explosive Tips To Heavenly Orgasmic Pleasures Exposed!

This might be new to you but contrary to popular belief, women do experience the release of ejaculation just like guys do. Kudos to the men who can make their ladies "gush" and attain the ultimate in sexual ecstasy!

For those who want their women to climax with ejaculation during your intimate moments with her, the following steps will come in handy! (Warning: Once you please her in this manner, it will create incredible bonds of intimacy between the both of you… so use this tips ONLY with the woman you really love :-)

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Tip #1: An exciting prelude to begin sexual exploration

Make the foreplay hot and steamy for her. Start out with small bites on her earlobes and along the contours of her neck, followed by smooth and tender sucking on her nipples. Give light touches along her torso with your fingertips. Do these until you come into contact with the inner part of her thighs. Let her be the one to guide you once she is prepared to take the exploration to another level.

Tip #2: Licking... more than just a movement of your tongue

Start off by sliding your tongue along the vulva to her clitoris and along the borders of her vagina. The upward and downward motion of your tongue should be done repeatedly and unhurriedly. Use the broad part of your tongue for best results.

Tip #3: Light touches along the mounds of her private area

Allow the tip of your tongue to travel along her labia minora. To make this more pleasurable for her, let your tongue slide along this minute mound together with some momentary sucking.

Tip #4: Next stop is her clitoris

Tenderly suck on her clitoris. You can move your tongue in various directions. Make your hands busy at the same time. Gently caress her breasts and have the tips of your fingers give light touches on her nipples and on the most sensitive spots of her body.

Tip #5: Roll that tongue!

Curl your tongue into a tube-like shape and insert it into her as gently as you can. This step may be a little tricky especially for first-timers, but with enough practice, you can make her go wild.

Tip #6: The power of your fingers

Insert two fingers into her vagina with your palm facing upward. Find her G-spot - a mound of flesh inside her vagina, about one to two inches in size. Lightly touch and add pressure on the G-spot using your fingertips. You will feel this flesh swelling up and become more rigid as you continue to stimulate it.

Tip #7: And the most awaited moment!

At this point, she will most likely reach the peak of sexual excitement and be able to experience the "gush" of ejaculation. However, before she ejaculates, she may have a tingling urge to urinate. Assure her that it perfectly safe for her to let go. Act natural and make her feel that you are totally at ease with her because this way, the sexual encounter becomes a lot more special. And with this, she will surely ask for more!

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