Best Positions For Sexual Intercourse - These 4 Moves Will Leave Her Shaken With Delight!

The trouble with most guys when it comes to having sex is that they are boring and stick to the same old routines and positions that get them off quickly. Sadly this leaves little room for a woman's sexual fulfillment. But if you are willing to add a little excitement and variety to your lovemaking positions, you could accelerate and accentuate a woman's ability to enjoy sex and even have an orgasm. And I have not even talked about how much that would do to your confidence in bed!

Short of time? Read on for 4 quick and easy positions you can use to blow her mind tonight!

#1 - "The C.A.T. Technique"

Coital Alignment Technique is a surprisingly easy variation of the conventional missionary position. The only difference is that instead of direct penetration, the man's pubic mound is pressed and rubbed against the woman's. So rather than penetrating in and out, the thrusting movements are more akin to grinding or gyrating. Such rhythmic grinding will stimulate the clitoris and build up her arousal much faster. This means she will enjoy an orgasm earlier as well!

#2 - "Female Dominance"

Whoever said the missionary position is a woman's favorite? Instead let her get on top of you and give her control during intercourse. This requires your partner to straddle you while you lie on your back. Your partner's posturing enables her to control the penetration speed, angle and intensity. It also provides additional leverage for her to stimulate her clitoris by grinding it against your pubic area. The added bonus is that while she is sitting on top of you, you can simultaneously stimulate her breasts and clitoris to build up her arousal very quickly.

For a variation of this position, have her face away from you. This allows you to have a greater chance of stimulating her G-spot with your male anatomy. If you are having problems with your sexual stamina, this position will also help you last longer, and thus boost the odds of triggering those titillating climaxes in her.

#3 - "Titillating Doggie"

Most women love making out in this position, where a woman gets down on all four limbs while her partner penetrate her from behind. Many women experience powerful orgasms in this position because it allows deeper penetration and G-spot stimulation. Furthermore, when a woman is on all fours, you have more control with the thrusts and can go harder and faster than you could in the missionary position. Alternatively, you can also vary this position by having her lay flat on her tummy and allow her to raise her buttocks during penetration.

Here’s another way you can use this position that will double her pleasure, using a simple and naughty trick: While you are penetrating her, allow only your penis to touch her. Lick your finger to lubricate it with your saliva and rub it against her anus (make sure you keep your nails clean and trimmed). If she's clearly enjoying what you are doing, slowly insert your fingertip into her anus. Withdraw your finger and repeat again. The stimulation to both her vagina and anus can bring a woman to amazingly powerful female orgasms.

#4 - "Enchanting Embrace"

Let her lie on her back, lift her legs up so that they embrace your shoulders and then enter her. This allows you to penetrate deeply and hit her G-spot, especially if you have a penis that bends slightly upwards when erect.

For a variation of this position, have her lay somewhere with her legs up (on a table, for example) so that you can enter her without having to kneel down. This gives you more leverage and also let you have easier access to her clitoris. Hint: Give her simultaneous clitoral stimulation using your thumb when you are penetrating her. This will double her delight and prime her for a truly fulfilling orgasm... only faster!

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